Ultimate 10-200 Aircraft - Construction Log
Catagory Item completed
1 Wing
1.1 Wing construction Construction & Painting of complete wing
1.2 Wing assembly assembly of wing with ailerons
  Total time wing  
2 Fuselage
2.1 Fuselage Frame Basic fuselage frame
2.2 Wing Attachements Main and rear spar attachements
2.3 Main Gear Main Landing gear incl. Wheel pants painting
2.4 Tailwheel Tailwheel assembly
2.5 Rudder Pedals Ruder pedal assembly
2.6 Flight Control System Flight Control system
2.7 Elevator arms &tubes Elevator idler arm incl. tourque tubes
2.8 Seat Seat assembly
2.9 Stringers Stringer assembly
2.10 Covers Fuselage covers incl. Lexan floors + painting
2.11 Trim system Trim system assembly
2.12 Rudder system Rudder system assembly
2.13 Aileron System Aileron system assembly
2.14 Elevator System Elevator sytem assembly
  Total time fuselage  
3   Tail section
3.1 Trim Tabs Trim tabs (left & right) & arms
3.2 Elevator stabs Elevator stabs (left & right)
3.3 Elevators Elevators and trim tabs incl. Mounting
3.4 Vertical Stab Vertical stabilizer
3.5 Rudder Rudder incl. Mounting
3.6 Hinges Rudder & Elev Hinges
3.7 Component covering Covering of all tail surfaces and assembly
  Total time tail section  
4 Firewall Forward
4.1 Engine Mount Nacharbeiten, Lackieren, Installieren
4.2 Firewall Firewall assembly
4.3 Cowling Cowling rework, assembly + painting
4.4 Engine Installation Engine installation incl. Accessories
  Total time firewall  
5 Accessories
5.1 Fuel tank Fuel tank incl. Aux tank assembly
5.2 Instrument panel Instrument panel
5.3 Electrical system Electrical system installation
5.4 Canopy Canopy system
5.5 Heating System Heating system
  Total time accessories  
6 Final Assembly
6.1 Final assembly Final assembly
  Grand Total time